Friday, January 28, 2005

Declaracion de Mision/ Mission Statement

About 5 years ago, my friend Steve Schaf took the time to lead a group of three pastors in a process of discerment about our sense of vocation. Few experiences in my life have been as enriching. Here is a mission statement that came out of that "refocusing process" and that has guided me since then. (This would be the most recent update)...

God calls me to live in this world continually enjoying my relationship with God-self, my wife, my friends and family. I will join the Holy Spirit in developing the potential that God has placed in me and will cooperate with others as they also develop it through a growing love for Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as revealed in Scriptures. Following the example of Jesus I will live in an accessible, honest and compassionate way. I will also live taking risks and committing myself to obeying the voice of the Father so that God’s will be done and others also come to experience God’s unconditional acceptance and justice.
I will take advantage of each opportunity I have to laugh, dream, study and rest. I will strive to influence other Christian leaders to join God in the development, growth and multiplication of churches so that through those churches the Lord of History continue to bring about a Christ-centered transformation of societies

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