Saturday, February 26, 2005


On Tuesday March 22, at Newhall Presbyterian Church, I had the pleassure of presiding over the installation of John Fuller, the Presbytery of San Fernando's new moderator. As outgoing moderator, it was an opportunity for me to reflect upon last years' activities. No doubt the Presbytery took a serious risk in having a moderator like me!
Well, my term is over but I am still really excited about small but encouraging signs of how the Spirit of God is renewing our old denomination. . If anything became clear to me during those twelve months is that there is no way back to the "good old days" of the Presbyterian Church. Major changes in society make us almost object of archaeological interest. (Can I say this kind of things without ceasing to be considered a "true Presbyterian"?) I do, however, perceive a renewed confidence in the power of the gospel and willingness to live it out in fresh and creative ways. I also sensed that in the opportunities I had to attend the 216th General Assembly (Richmond, VA) and the National Hispanic-Latino Caucus (Orlando, Fla), both in 2004.

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